I capture the moments you are living that you will soon forgot happened. I photograph the good times, the chaotic times, the tears and the abundance that gets lost in the in betweens. I’ve been known to wrangle a toddler a time or two, while also belting out any song that your kiddo loves in an effort to show them that I’m one of the good guys. I’ve been photographing for 12 years and am lucky to have found my passion in life. I strive to capture your madness and memories exactly as they are in this season of life. I’m not scared of a crabby kid or shy toddlers, I want the REAL, the YOU, the AUTHENTICITY of your family and your life in this very season you're existing in. I'd love to be considered to tell your family story.

i'm the one behind the camera


5. I didn't have my first cup of coffee until I was 22. Still unsure of how I survived college without it.

4. I can build cabinets, shingle a roof, hang sheetrock, and create just about anything I find that sparks a crazy idea project in my mind!

3. I have never, and will never watch a single star wars movie 

2. Flaming hot cheetos and tequila are food groups dietitians have yet to discover

1. I can (and will) belt out any song you can think of. Definitely get weird looks from adults but am incredibly popular with kids. Also known to randomly beatbox, my apologies ahead of time.

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