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The first cries, the first latch, the first coo, there’s nothing quite like it, no matter how many children you’ve had. I’m lucky enough to get to witness all these things during Fresh 48 sessions. Meeting Parker within the first day he was born for his Fresh 48 Session, was such a treat, and at the Mother Baby Center at Abbott, which is absolutely beautiful! I wanted to ask if I could just rent out a room to take a calming and peaceful nap in, it didn’t look like the nurses were going to go for it.

swaddled newborn baby minneapolis fresh 48 session Abbott Mother baby Center Fresh 48

The tiny footprints get me every single time, how are our babies ever that little? You almost forget how tiny they once were
newborn boy looking peaceful wrapped in swaddle mom peering down at newborn baby during fresh 48 session

Can we just talk about how fabulous Parker’s mama looks?! I mean all my moms are beautiful goddesses to be, but the robe and the pure look of love in her eyes is just breathtaking!Newborn baby wrapped in bin near window side profile of newborn baby's head of hair newborn baby boy during fresh 48 session

I still can’t get over that FULL head of thick dark hair on baby Parker’s head!!! And to think it’s all still in tact, what a handsome boy.newborn baby boy in hospital bin

Want to know more about what a Fresh 48 session is or want to book one for the birth of your child? Contact me today Here

Fresh 48 sessions are a beautiful way to capture the newness of your newborn without committing to a birth story, I understand not everyone wants someone with a camera, near them, at their birth.

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