"Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and her child"

For all the mamas out there who feel like they are always in the trenches and never in the memories. The ones who toss themselves into bed at night haphazardly, only to wake up a few hours later to do it all again. This is for you. These are the photos you will cherish for a lifetime and then a little bit more. From Maternity, to having a Newborn, to an infant, a toddler, or even a 5 year old....I want to capture the moments of motherhood we so often forget to make important. Book yourself a spot for The Motherhood Minis so you can enjoy 30 minutes of pampering by having your makeup done to look your best for your session, toys and play space for your child while you're getting ready and a kick ass photoshoot to follow. You will be photographed with your babes for 30 whole minutes, no rushing, no hurrying up to wait, no frazzled and emotional messes, come to your minis and let me take care of you, allow you to feel reinvigorated, and like the queen you deserve to feel like. Dad's of the world, I can guarantee your wife will adore you if she received this as a gift from you. There's never a time to not celebrate the Mamas of the world who make the magic happen, this is that time, let's celebrate you.