"as the most photographed generation....we are going to have nothing to show for it, unless we start printing our memories"

Hey! I'm Meg

I like to be creative, make things with my hands and give gifts that have meaning. I challenge myself to think outside the box and I'm far too sarcastic for my own good. 
I think any wine more than $13 is too expensive
I am a crunchy sweary mama with an ok sense of humor
I ponder the tough questions, like: where have the sour patch parents gone....what do butterflies feel in their stomachs when they're in love?...and most importantly, why do hot dogs come in a 10 pack while hot dog buns only come in 8?

I live for a good acoustic performance.
Donuts are the way to my soul.
Christmas is my spirit animal.
There's no such thing as "too much coffee". 

I adore the man seen here, being the best dad there ever was. I love the way he cares for all of us and is a secure dude in a house full of girls. That smile right there on our daughters face is equal parts perfect amount of nap time that day, and genuine immeasurable love and happiness for her "da"

These are my two sweet puppy girls that I couldn't imagine our little family without. Kaylee is on the left and is a shiba inu, they're known for being cat like, and smart as hell. On the right is Bella, she is our rescue girl that is so loyal and loving, we think she is a "borador" but are convinced her heart is actually 10 times larger than it should be. Girls got lots of love.

I am a mama to Nora, the most fierce toddler you'll ever meet. You can observe her in her natural habitat of challenging my every decision on a weekly basis at a local target near you. She can sometimes be seen being sweet, but oftentimes she's witnessed as growling like a lion. Many apologies in advance.