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October 26, 2017

Lifestyle Sessions VS Studio Sessions || Newborn Photography

I specialize in both studio newborn sessions as well as lifestyle newborn sessions, so if you’re like most clients, you’re thinking to yourself: “ok, whats the difference?” Great question and I’m glad you asked!


Newborn Studio Sessions are the following


Studio Newborn Sessions are sessions in which baby is posed with props, wearing bonnets or hats, placed in buckets or on the bean bag. Studio sessions are completely stylized and customizable for different color preferences to match your home or your newborns nursery!

These sessions are shot in my home studio within 14 days after baby is born. My most popular times for Mom’s + Dad’s to book these sessions is usually when Mom is in her second trimester. I have spent years filling my prop closet with the perfect buckets, bowls, and baskets for babies to be posed in; as well as the perfect knit blankets, bonnets, hats, and tiebacks for your sweet newborn to wear. Part of being a full service studio for my clients, is having all of these materials on hand and not incurring that additional cost to clients – I’ve got you covered!

Newborn Studio Sessions are done in a studio where the heat is set at 85 degrees or sometimes warmer (thanks winter!) It is crucial to keep the room at this temp to ensure that baby is warm enough during their photos and it also encourages a little bit of sleep! It’s pretty rare that I get done with a studio newborn session and I’m not sweating….sorry, sometimes the truth is gross.

I love studio newborn sessions, they are so tender and sweet and SNUGGLY!


Lifestyle Newborn sessions are a little different than Studio Sessions, but are equally as beautiful. Lifestyle session images look like the following

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are done in the clients home using what they have as a natural backdrop. Lifestyle sessions are equally as hot (sorry guys, whenever I come over, I’ll always bug you to turn the heat up :)) just not posed. I don’t do any sort of posing with baby, I just let you interact as a family on any given day and give you gentle/subtle direction.

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are sweet because I am able to capture a side of my clients that I wouldn’t necessarily see in a Studio Session. Lifestyle sessions are heavily focused around the entire family instead of highlighting just newborn baby. I find that my clients who are either repeat clients or clients that have other children are the ones that are booking lifestyle sessions more often than first time parents.

Clients are often worried that their home isn’t “photogenic” enough, fear not, I only use 1 -2 rooms of your home and send you specific instruction before the day of the shoot on how to make it photogenic enough while still being your space.

Any way you choose to have your newborn photographed is the perfect way for your family and your home. For the longest time I struggled with wanting to offer lifestyle as well as sticking to my roots and knowledge of Studio Sessions and for a few years, I felt like I had to choose. I’ll be honest in that I’m SO incredibly grateful that I opened my heart and accepted that I want to offer and do both – they both tell completely different stories but are both equally as beautiful. If you or someone you know is looking for more information on either of these sessions, feel free to contact me right HERE.

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