Q. Where are you located?
A. I'm located in Bloomington MN and I serve the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. I'm of course, available for travel to anywhere, I love road trips!

Q. Where do our sessions take place?
A. I offer both in home lifestyle sessions or in studio sessions

Q. What type of products do you offer?
A. My most popular offerings are large size heirloom albums, framed prints, and wooden photo blocks. I also offer holiday cards, gift prints, and canvases.

some of my more frequently

asked questions

Q. What session types do you offer?
A. I specialize in Maternity, Birth and Newborn Photography.

Q. OK this all sounds great, but what is it going to cost me?
A. My average investment from clients is from $600-$1100. Product choices are completely customizable and makes the price point more flexible to your wants and needs.

Q. Didn't you used to be a wedding photographer? 
A. I did! Thanks for noticing! My business, just like my life, is always evolving and as my life chapters took me into motherhood, so did what I capture from behind the camera.

Q. How long have you been a photographer? 
A. "Officially" 9 years. "Unofficially" since I used my allowance at sam's club to make prints from my film camera when I was 10 years old. 

Q. So you shoot birth photography....what's that like?
A. Honestly, the most beautiful, soul moving shit I've ever witnessed. Watching two people become parents is the most amazing transition life can throw at you.

Q. Why did you become a photographer?
A. Honestly, at first, because someone was willing to pay me for a landscape photo I took....but then it evolved into so much more. I got to give people their memories and emotions from some of the most important moments life has to offer. I started to feel pride in my work and I started to feel like my photos meant something. I have since moved on from weddings and shoot solely new life and with that, came a whole new meaning as well. I have very few photographs from my childhood, I also have very few memories to go along with them, it's my absolute honor to make sure your kids have something to look back on and tell their future family one day "here's me as a newborn, and that's my mom and dad"

Maternity sessions celebrate you in this season of life and also what you look like with that beautiful bump. Believe it or not, most women miss their bumps once their child has arrived, maternity sessions are a great way to honor that space your little one once held. Maternity sessions take place between 31 - 35 weeks of pregnancy and are often booked by my clients in their first and second trimesters. Husbands, this is a great gift to your wife as well! Maternity sessions are $600 and come with a coffee table book with your finished gallery.




Birth stories are one of my absolute favorite offerings. Being present to witness and photograph the first breath of life your child takes and to be able to photograph the most brief of moments that quickly fades, always amazes me. When you book your birth story, I am on call from 37 weeks until you deliver. Being able to look back on the first moments of your little ones life is priceless, it's one of the few ways to make those moments that we forget in the excitement of it all, last forever. Birth Stories are $900 and come with a memory book of the images from your birth story.




I absolutely love photographing newborns at their tiniest stage in life. Everyone says it, but no one realizes, how quickly they change. I capture my clients newborns within the first 14 days of life and offer lifestyle newborn sessions (done in your home) as well as studio newborn sessions (done in my studio). I love creating beautiful imagery for my clients, of their beautiful babies, to hang as art in their homes for years to come.
Newborn sessions start at $600 and range in pricing and products offered.